Гана Найденова

Гана Найденова

Ghana Naydenova (Bulgarian: Гана Найденова, 1851-1916), was a Bulgarian teacher, known for her participation in the national liberation movement. She was born in Sopot, educated in a girl school, and worked as a teacher in Sopot after graduation, and later in Klisura. She participated in the national liberation movement to free Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire by sewing uniforms and raise funds for the movement. She famously participated in the April Uprising of 1878. When it was crushed, she was forced to hide in the woods. When she was captured, she was subjected to torture during the interrogation.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Гана Найденова born?

Гана Найденова was born in Sopot, Bulgaria.

What is the gender of Гана Найденова?

Гана Найденова is female.

When died Гана Найденова?

Гана Найденова died 1916.

When was Гана Найденова born?

Гана Найденова was born on 1851.

What is Гана Найденова subject of?

Гана Найденова is subject of 1851 births, April Uprising, 1916 deaths, People from Sopot, Bulgaria, 19th-century Bulgarian people and Bulgarian educators.