ئۆركەش دۆلەت

ئۆركەش دۆلەت

Örkesh Dölet (Uyghur: ئۆركەش دۆلەت; alternatively transliterated Uerkesh Davlet), commonly known as Wu'erkaixi (from the Chinese spelling of his name: simplified Chinese: 吾尔开希; traditional Chinese: 吾爾開希; pinyin: Wú'ěrkāixī), is a Chinese dissident of Uyghur heritage known for his leading role during the Tiananmen protests of 1989. As an ethnic Uyghur, he was born in Beijing on February 17, 1968 with ancestral roots in Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang. He achieved prominence while studying at Beijing Normal University as a hunger striker who rebuked Chinese Premier Li Peng on national television. He was one of the main leaders of the pro-reform Beijing Students' Autonomous Federation, and helped lead abortive negotiations with Chinese officials. He now resides in Taiwan, where he works as a political commentator. His attempts to turn himself in to Chinese authorities have made him one of the most visible dissidents in recent years. He has run for office in Taiwan's Legislative Yuan twice.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would 吾爾開希 be described?

吾爾開希 would be described as Tiananmen Square protest leader.

What is 吾爾開希 subject of?

吾爾開希 is subject of Chinese dissidents, Taiwanese television journalists, Republic of China politicians from Beijing, 1968 births, Chinese Christians, Living people, Uyghurs, Chinese democracy activists, Tiananmen Square protesters of 1989, Converts to Protestantism from Islam, Beijing Normal University alumni, Uyghur Christians, Chinese former Muslims, Taiwanese people from Beijing and Naturalised citizens of the Republic of China.

Where does 吾爾開希 live?

吾爾開希 lives in Taiwan.

What is the gender of 吾爾開希?

吾爾開希 is male.