1914–15 Star

The 1914–15 Star is a campaign medal of the British Empire which was awarded to officers and men of British and Imperial forces who served in any theatre of the First World War against the Central European Powers during 1914 and 1915. The medal was never awarded singly and recipients were also awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medal. The medal was initially not going to be awarded to soldiers who served in the Gallipoli Campaign. Those soldiers, mostly New Zealanders and Australians, were to be awarded the Gallipoli Star instead.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

What is 1914–15 Star subject of?

1914–15 Star is subject of Australian campaign medals, British campaign medals, Decorations of the British Army, New Zealand campaign medals, 1918 establishments in the British Empire, Awards established in 1918, Military decorations and medals of South Africa, Military decorations and medals of South Africa in order of precedence and Military decorations and medals of South Africa pre-1952.