Àlex Rigola

Àlex Rigola (born Barcelona, 1969) is a Spanish theatre director. He has directed the Teatre Lliure since March 2003 as well as the theatre section of the Venice Biennale. He holds a directing degree from the Escola Superior d'Art Dramàtic (Institut del Teatre) of Barcelona. He has directed and adapted:
* Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, by Tennessee Williams (2010)
* Frost-Nixon, by Peter Morgan (2009)
* Días mejores, by Richard Dresser (2009), in the Teatro by La Abadía
* El buñuelo de Hamlet, by Luís Buñuel y Àlex Rigola (2008)
* Rock'n roll, by Tom Stoppard (2008)
* 2666, by Roberto Bolaño (2007)
* Largo viaje hacía la noche, by (2005)
* Arbusht, by Paco Zarzoso (2006)
* European House, by Alex Rigola (2005)
* Richard III, by William Shakespeare (2005)
* Saint Joan of the Stockyards, by Bertolt Brecht (2004)
* Glengarry Glen Ross, by David Mamet (2003)
* Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare(2003)
* Ubú, by Alfred Jarry (2002), in the Teatro by La Abadía
* Woyzeck, by Büchner (2001)
* Suzuki I i II, by Alexei Xipenko (2001)
* The Goldberg Variations, by George Tabori (2000)
* Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare (2000)
* Un cop baix, by Richard Dresser (2000)
* La màquina d'aigua, by David Mamet (1999)
* Trojans, by Euripides (1998)
* Kafka: El Procés, by Franz Kafka (1997)
* Camí by Wolokolamsk (I), by Heiner Müller (1996) He was assistant director to Joan Ollé on:
* Roberto Zucco, by B.M. Koltès
* Por los pueblos, by Peter Handke
* Así que pasen cinco años, by Federico García Lorca He also directed El cancionero by palacio (2003) and Cançons d'amor i droga (2003) with various texts by Pepe Sales sung by Albert Pla and Judith Farrés. His first production in the Gran Teatre del Liceu was the Wagner opera The Flying Dutchman (2007).

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How would Àlex Rigola be described?

Àlex Rigola would be described as Spanish theatre director.

What is the gender of Àlex Rigola?

Àlex Rigola is male.

When was Àlex Rigola born?

Àlex Rigola was born on 01.01.1969.

What is Àlex Rigola subject of?

Àlex Rigola is subject of Spanish theatre directors, 1969 births, Living people and People from Barcelona.