Àlex Simón i Casanovas

Àlex Simón i Casanovas (born 1960 in Gràcia neighbourhood of Barcelona) is a Catalonian mountain guide, climbing teacher and outdoor instructor. He has climbed in the Pyrenees, Alps and the Dolomite, as well as in U.S.A, Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia, Australia and Antarctica, and crossed by bicycle sections of the Simpson Desert (Australia) and Atacama Desert (Chile). Àlex Simón was the mountain guides team leader at the Spanish Antarctic base of Juan Carlos I in 2001–06, carrying out extensive field work on Hurd Peninsula, Huron Glacier area, Byers Peninsula, and Ioannes Paulus II Peninsula on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands. Since 2007 he lives in Finland. Currently he organizes polar traverses and expeditions, snowmobile and huskies expeditions and ski traverses. Agreeing to these activities, he participated as a logistician and guide on the Professor Multanovskiy ship during the 2009–2010 Antarctic summer and, as well in Antarctica, on the Ocean Nova ship during the 2010–2011.

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How would Àlex Simón i Casanovas be described?

Àlex Simón i Casanovas would be described as Spanish explorer.

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Àlex Simón i Casanovas is subject of 1960 births, Explorers of Antarctica, Living people and People from Barcelona.

Where was Àlex Simón i Casanovas born?

Àlex Simón i Casanovas was born in Barcelona.

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Àlex Simón i Casanovas is male.

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