Àngel Rodamilans

Àngel Rodamilans i Canals (Sabadell, 1 May 1874 - Serra d'en Camaró, Sabadell 27 July 1936) was a Catalan Benedictine monk and composer of religious music. He, as were also 22 other Benedictine monks, was a victim of religious assassination during the Spanish Civil War and counted by the Catholic church as a "servant of God" in the process of beatification of the Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Àngel Rodamilans be described?

Àngel Rodamilans would be described as Benedictine monk.

What is the gender of Àngel Rodamilans?

Àngel Rodamilans is male.

When died Àngel Rodamilans?

Àngel Rodamilans died 27.07.1936.

When was Àngel Rodamilans born?

Àngel Rodamilans was born on 01.05.1874.

What is Àngel Rodamilans subject of?

Àngel Rodamilans is subject of 20th-century Roman Catholic martyrs, People killed in the Spanish Civil War, 1874 births, 1936 deaths, Catalan composers and Spanish Benedictines.