Àngels Ribé

Àngels Ribé

Àngels Ribé (born 1943 in Barcelona) is considered one of the most important Catalan conceptual artists of the 70s. With a strong international presence, she worked alongside such artists as Vito Acconci, Laurie Anderson, Gordon Matta-Clark, Lawrence Weiner, Hannah Wilke, Martha Wilson, Francesc Torres, and Krzysztof Wodiczko, among others.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Àngels Ribé born?

Àngels Ribé was born in Barcelona.

How would Àngels Ribé be described?

Àngels Ribé would be described as Artist.

What is the gender of Àngels Ribé?

Àngels Ribé is female.

When was Àngels Ribé born?

Àngels Ribé was born on 01.01.1943.

What is Àngels Ribé subject of?

Àngels Ribé is subject of Catalan artists, 1943 births, Living people and People from Barcelona.

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