Ábrahám Ganz

Ábrahám Ganz (November 6, 1814, Unter-Embrach - December 15, 1867, Pest) was a Swiss-born Hungarian iron manufacturer, machine and technical engineer, father of the Ganz companies. In 1844, he opened an ironworks in Buda. His company produced various technical devices based on his patents. He committed suicide in 1867.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Ábrahám Ganz?

Ábrahám Ganz died in Pest, Hungary.

How would Ábrahám Ganz be described?

Ábrahám Ganz would be described as Hungarian engineer.

When died Ábrahám Ganz?

Ábrahám Ganz died 15.12.1867.

When was Ábrahám Ganz born?

Ábrahám Ganz was born on 06.11.1814.

What is Ábrahám Ganz subject of?

Ábrahám Ganz is subject of 19th-century Hungarian people, Hungarian engineers, 1815 births, 1867 deaths, 19th-century engineers, Engineers who committed suicide, People from Budapest, People from Bülach District, Hungarian businesspeople, 19th-century Swiss people, Businesspeople who committed suicide, Hungarian people of Swiss descent and 19th-century businesspeople.

Where was Ábrahám Ganz born?

Ábrahám Ganz was born in Embrach.

What is the gender of Ábrahám Ganz?

Ábrahám Ganz is male.