Ádám Balajti

Ádám Balajti

Ádám Balajti (born 7 March 1991 in Eger) is a Hungarian professional footballer currently playing for Vác FC. on loan from Debreceni VSC.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ádám Balajti be described?

Ádám Balajti would be described as Hungarian professional association football player, born 1991.

How tall is Ádám Balajti?

Ádám Balajti is 176 cm tall.

What is Ádám Balajti subject of?

Ádám Balajti is subject of 1991 births, Hungarian footballers, Debreceni VSC players, Újpest FC players, Hungary international footballers, People from Eger, Hungary youth international footballers, Living people, Hungary under-21 international footballers, MTK Budapest FC players, Diósgyőri VTK footballers, Nemzeti Bajnokság I players and Mezőkövesd SE footballers.

What is the gender of Ádám Balajti?

Ádám Balajti is male.

What was or is the position of Ádám Balajti?

The position of Ádám Balajti is or was Striker (association football).

In which teams was Ádám Balajti active?

Ádám Balajti was active in Diósgyőr, Vác FC, Győr, Debreceni VSC, Szolnok, Ferencváros, Újpest, Hungary Under-21, Egri FC, Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC, MTK Budapest and Hungary national under-20 football team.