Ádám Balogh

Ádám Balogh de Bér (cerca 1665, Bérbaltavár, Kingdom of Hungary - 1711, Buda) was one of the most famous kuruc colonels of the Hungarian army during Rákóczi's War for Independence against the rule of the Austrian Habsburg dynasty.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ádám Balogh be described?

Ádám Balogh would be described as Hungarian noble.

What is the gender of Ádám Balogh?

Ádám Balogh is male.

When died Ádám Balogh?

Ádám Balogh died 06.02.1711.

When was Ádám Balogh born?

Ádám Balogh was born on 01.01.1665.

What is Ádám Balogh subject of?

Ádám Balogh is subject of 1665 births, 1711 deaths, Hungarian soldiers, 17th-century Hungarian people and Hungarian nobility.