Ádám Fischer

Ádám Fischer (born 9 September 1949, Budapest) is a Hungarian conductor. He is the general music director of the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra, with which he has recorded the complete Haydn symphonies for the Nimbus label, the first digital recording of the cycle. He is also Music Director of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Chief Conductor of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Ádám Fischer born?

Ádám Fischer was born in Budapest.

How would Ádám Fischer be described?

Ádám Fischer would be described as Hungarian conductor.

What is the gender of Ádám Fischer?

Ádám Fischer is male.

When was Ádám Fischer born?

Ádám Fischer was born on 09.09.1949.

What is Ádám Fischer subject of?

Ádám Fischer is subject of Musicians from Budapest, Hungarian conductors (music), 21st-century Hungarian musicians, 1949 births, 20th-century conductors (music), Hungarian Jews, Jewish classical musicians, Living people, 21st-century conductors (music) and 20th-century Hungarian musicians.