Ádám Marosi

Ádám Marosi

(The native form of this personal name is Marosi Ádám. This article uses the Western name order.) Ádám Marosi (born 26 July 1984) is a Hungarian Modern pentathlete. He won the 2009 World Modern Pentathlon Championships in London. He also won the gold at the Modern Pentathlon World Cup 2010 held in Medway, GB. He competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics where he won the bronze medal.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ádám Marosi be described?

Ádám Marosi would be described as Hungarian modern pentathlete.

How tall is Ádám Marosi?

Ádám Marosi is 181 cm tall.

What is Ádám Marosi subject of?

Ádám Marosi is subject of Male modern pentathletes, Olympic bronze medalists for Hungary, 1984 births, Living people, Modern pentathletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Olympic medalists in modern pentathlon, Hungarian modern pentathletes, Olympic modern pentathletes of Hungary, Medalists at the 2012 Summer Olympics and World Modern Pentathlon Championships medalists.

Where was Ádám Marosi born?

Ádám Marosi was born in Budapest.

What is the gender of Ádám Marosi?

Ádám Marosi is male.