Ádám Récsey

Ádám Récsey

Baron Ádám Récsey (Sárd, 1775 – Vienna, 26 October 1852) was a Hungarian politician and general who served as the Prime Minister of Hungary between 3 October and 7 October during the Revolution of 1848. The ruler appointed him illegally. Récsey countersigned his own appointment, neglecting the Diet of Hungary. He resigned when an uprising broke out in Vienna in the effects of the Hungarian Revolution.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Who is the successor of Ádám Récsey?

The successor of Ádám Récsey is Lajos Kossuth.

How would Ádám Récsey be described?

Ádám Récsey would be described as Hungarian politician.

When died Ádám Récsey?

Ádám Récsey died 26.10.1852.

What is Ádám Récsey subject of?

Ádám Récsey is subject of People from Alba County, 1775 births, 1852 deaths, Prime Ministers of Hungary and Austrian Empire military personnel of the Napoleonic Wars.

What is the gender of Ádám Récsey?

Ádám Récsey is male.