Ádám Szögi

Ádám Szögi

Ádám Szögi (born 12 February 1990) is a Hungarian professional basketball player for Jászberényi KSE from the Nemzeti Bajnokság I/A. He was not chosen as the conclusion of the 2012 NBA Draft, leading to the continuation of his playing career in Europe. Szögi is generally seen at the point guard position when on the court, with height of just 1.76 meters. He has previously competed for Bodrogi Bau Vhely, Szolnoki Olaj, and Szolnoki Fõiskola.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ádám Szögi be described?

Ádám Szögi would be described as Hungarian basketball player.

What is the gender of Ádám Szögi?

Ádám Szögi is male.

When was Ádám Szögi born?

Ádám Szögi was born on 12.02.1990.

What is Ádám Szögi subject of?

Ádám Szögi is subject of Point guards, 1990 births, Living people and Hungarian basketball players.