Ádám Vezér

Ádám Vezér (born 21 September 1974) is a retired Hungarian goalkeeper who last played for Monori SE in the Hungarian National Championship III.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ádám Vezér be described?

Ádám Vezér would be described as footballer.

How tall is Ádám Vezér?

Ádám Vezér is 189 cm tall.

What is Ádám Vezér subject of?

Ádám Vezér is subject of Hungarian footballers, Budapest Honvéd FC footballers, Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C. players, Monori SE players, 1974 births, Association football goalkeepers, Living people, Alki Larnaca FC players, Expatriate footballers in Israel, Ethnikos Assia players, Israeli Premier League players, BFC Siófok players, BKV Előre SC footballers, Vecsés FC footballers, AC Omonia players, Hungarian expatriate footballers, Expatriate footballers in Cyprus, Cypriot First Division players, Nemzeti Bajnokság I players and Anagennisi Dherynia players.

In which clubs was Ádám Vezér active?

Ádám Vezér was active in Cegled and Monori SE.

What is the gender of Ádám Vezér?

Ádám Vezér is male.

What was or is the position of Ádám Vezér?

The position of Ádám Vezér is or was Goalkeeper (football).

In which teams was Ádám Vezér active?

Ádám Vezér was active in BKV Előre SC, Beitar Be'er Sheva, Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC, Ethnikos Assia, BFC Siófok, Budapest Honved, Elpida Xylofagou, AC Omonia Nicosia, Alki Larnaca, Anagennisi Dherynia, BVSC Budapest and Vecsés FC.