Áed mac Boanta

Áed mac Boanta (died 839) is believed to have been a king of Dál Riata. The only reference to Áed in the Irish annals is found in the Annals of Ulster, where it is recorded that "Eóganán mac Óengusa, Bran mac Óengusa, Áed mac Boanta, and others almost innumerable" in a battle fought by the men of Fortriu against Vikings in 839. The Duan Albanach lists an "Áed An" who ruled for four years over Dál Riata and the Synchronisms of Flann Mainistrech place him between Caustantín mac Fergusa and Eóganán mac Óengusa, Caustantín's nephew. It is doubtful whether Caustantín and Eóganán ruled over Dál Riata, but Áed is thought to have done so. Áed may have been preceded as king by Domnall mac Caustantín. It is not known what kings followed him, if any, before the region fell under the dominance of Norse-Gaels such as the Uí Ímair in the latter part of the ninth century.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Áed mac Boanta be described?

Áed mac Boanta would be described as King of Dal Riata.

What is the gender of Áed mac Boanta?

Áed mac Boanta is male.

When died Áed mac Boanta?

Áed mac Boanta died 839-1-1.

What is Áed mac Boanta subject of?

Áed mac Boanta is subject of 839 deaths, 9th-century Scottish monarchs, Monarchs killed in action, Year of birth unknown, 9th-century Irish monarchs and Kings of Dál Riata.