Áed mac Cináeda

Áed mac Cináeda (born c. 840 - died 878) was a son of Cináed mac Ailpín ("Kenneth MacAlpin"). He became king of the Picts in 877, when he succeeded his brother Constantine I. He was nicknamed Áed of the White Flowers, the wing-footed (Latin: alipes) or the white-foot (Latin: albipes).

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Áed?

Áed died in Strathallan.

Who is the successor of Áed?

The successor of Áed is Giric.

How would Áed be described?

Áed would be described as King of the Picts.

When died Áed?

Áed died 878-1-1.

When was Áed born?

Áed was born on 840.

What is Áed subject of?

Áed is subject of 878 deaths, 9th-century Scottish monarchs, Burials at Iona Abbey, House of Alpin and Year of birth unknown.

When died Áed?

Áed died 878.

What is the gender of Áed?

Áed is male.

When did the career of Áed start?

The career started in 0877.