Áed Ua Forréid

Áed Ua Forréid was Bishop of Armagh from 1032-1056. He was from the Cenél Tigernaig branch of the northern Uí Néill kin-group of Cenél nÉogain. The see was not elevated to an archbishopric until 1106, well after his death. A praise-poem in his honour, written sometime after his election and before 1042, exists in a single copy transcribed in 1628 by Mícheál Ó Cléirigh (Dublin, Royal Irish Academy MS B.IV.2 (1080), fol. 142r). He may have resigned the bishopric when he became fer léigind (i.e. Lector) in 1049. In the Annals of Ulster, which derive from an Armagh chronicle, in their prose notice of his death at 75 years of age, he is only "eminent lector of Armagh" (ard-fer leiginn Aird Macha). However, a verse cited in the same entry also describes him as "gentle bishop".

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Áed Ua Forréid be described?

Áed Ua Forréid would be described as Irish bishop.

What is the gender of Áed Ua Forréid?

Áed Ua Forréid is male.

What is the citizenship or nationality of Áed Ua Forréid?

Áed Ua Forréid is Ireland.

What is Áed Ua Forréid subject of?

Áed Ua Forréid is subject of 1056 deaths, 11th-century archbishops, Year of birth unknown, 11th-century Irish people, People from County Armagh, Archbishops of Armagh and Pre-diocesan bishops in Ireland.