Ági Mészáros

Ági Mészáros (24 May 1914 – 8 March 1989) was a Hungarian film actress. She appeared in 27 films between 1940 and 1977. Her daughter Ági Voith is also an actress.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ági Mészáros be described?

Ági Mészáros would be described as Hungarian actress.

What is the occupation of Ági Mészáros?

The occupation of Ági Mészáros is .

What is Ági Mészáros subject of?

Ági Mészáros is subject of Actresses from Budapest, 1914 births, 1989 deaths, 20th-century Hungarian actresses and Hungarian film actresses.

What is the gender of Ági Mészáros?

Ági Mészáros is female.

When did the career of Ági Mészáros start?

The career started in 1940.