Ágnel Flores

Ágnel José Flores Hernández (born 29 May 1989) is an Venezuelan international footballer who currently plays for Deportivo Táchira, as a midfielder.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ágnel Flores be described?

Ágnel Flores would be described as Venezuelan footballer.

How tall is Ágnel Flores?

Ágnel Flores is 179 cm tall.

What is Ágnel Flores subject of?

Ágnel Flores is subject of 1989 births, Venezuelan footballers, Venezuela international footballers, Living people, Minervén FC players, Deportivo Táchira players and Mineros de Guayana players.

What is the gender of Ágnel Flores?

Ágnel Flores is male.

What was or is the position of Ágnel Flores?

The position of Ágnel Flores is or was Midfielder.

In which teams was Ágnel Flores active?

Ágnel Flores was active in Venezuela, Deportivo Táchira, Asociación Civil Minervén Fútbol Club and Atlético Club Mineros de Guayana.