Ágnes Csomor

Ágnes Csomor

(The native form of this personal name is Csomor Ágnes. This article uses the Western name order.) Ágnes Csomor (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈa:gnɛʃ ˈt͡ʃomor]) (June 13, 1979 in Budapest – ), sometimes Ági Csomor (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈa:gi ˈt͡ʃomor]) is a Hungarian stage, film and television actress. Currently, she is starring in the Hungarian television soap opera Barátok közt (in English: Among Friends) running on RTL Klub as antagonist Oravecz Nikol, a character who became the boss of a drug cartel after arresting her brother while raising her teenage son who's opposing his mother's underworld connections.

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How would Ágnes Csomor be described?

Ágnes Csomor would be described as Hungarian actress.

What is the occupation of Ágnes Csomor?

The occupation of Ágnes Csomor is .

What is Ágnes Csomor subject of?

Ágnes Csomor is subject of Actresses from Budapest, Hungarian stage actresses, 1979 births, Living people, People from Bicske, Hungarian film actresses and Hungarian television actresses.

Where was Ágnes Csomor born?

Ágnes Csomor was born in Budapest.

How many children has Ágnes Csomor?


What is the gender of Ágnes Csomor?

Ágnes Csomor is female.

What is the homepage of Ágnes Csomor?


When did the career of Ágnes Csomor start?

The career started in 2000.