Ágnes Triffa

Ágnes Triffa (born 18 January 1987 in Gyula) is a Hungarian handball goalkeeper who plays for Dunaújvárosi KKA and the Hungarian national team. She made her international debut on 2 June 2006 against Argentina, and took part on the World Championship in 2009.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ágnes Triffa be described?

Ágnes Triffa would be described as Hungarian handball goalkeeper.

How tall is Ágnes Triffa?

Ágnes Triffa is 176 cm tall.

What is Ágnes Triffa subject of?

Ágnes Triffa is subject of 1987 births, Living people, Hungarian female handball players, Békéscsabai Előre NKSE players, Expatriate handball players, People from Gyula and Hungarian expatriates in Slovenia.

What is the gender of Ágnes Triffa?

Ágnes Triffa is female.