Ágoston Pável

Ágoston Pável

Ágoston Pável, also known in Slovenian as Avgust Pavel (28 August 1886, Cankova, Kingdom of Hungary, today in Slovenia – 2 January 1946, Szombathely, Hungary) was a Hungarian Slovene writer, poet, ethnologist, linguist and historian.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ágoston Pável be described?

Ágoston Pável would be described as Slovene-Hungarian writer.

What is the gender of Ágoston Pável?

Ágoston Pável is male.

When died Ágoston Pável?

Ágoston Pável died 02.01.1946.

When was Ágoston Pável born?

Ágoston Pável was born on 28.08.1886.

What is Ágoston Pável subject of?

Ágoston Pável is subject of University of Ljubljana faculty, Hungarian poets, Hungarian translators, Slovenian translators, 1886 births, 1946 deaths, 20th-century poets, 20th-century translators, Hungarian writers, Male poets, Hungarian male writers, Slovenian writers and poets in Hungary and People from the Municipality of Cankova.