Ágoston Trefort

(The native form of this personal name is Dr. Trefort Ágoston. This article uses the Western name order.) Dr. Ágoston Trefort (7 February 1817 – 22 August 1888) was a Hungarian politician, who served as Minister of Religion and Education from 1872 until his death. He was the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 1885.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Who is the successor of Ágoston Trefort?

The successor of Ágoston Trefort is Gábor Baross.

How would Ágoston Trefort be described?

Ágoston Trefort would be described as Minister of Education of Hungary.

What is Ágoston Trefort subject of?

Ágoston Trefort is subject of 1817 births, 1888 deaths, 19th-century Hungarian politicians, Hungarian Roman Catholics, Members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Agriculture ministers of Hungary, Hungarian people of Walloon descent, Education ministers of Hungary and People from Humenné.

What is the gender of Ágoston Trefort?

Ágoston Trefort is male.