Ágoston Valentiny

Ágoston Valentiny

Ágoston Valentiny (6 October 1888 – 21 August 1958) was a Hungarian politician and jurist, who served as Minister of Justice in the Interim National Government. He was born into a working-class family with six children. His father was a machine fitter and engineer. Valentiny finished his law studies in Kolozsvár. He joined the Hungarian Social Democratic Party on 1 January 1919. During the German occupation in 1944 he was interned. After the "Liberation" of Szeged he became mayor of the town. He was a member of the Interim National Assembly. After the 1945 elections he had to resign from the ministerial position because of the communists' attacks. After that he worked as a lawyer. He was arrested and sentenced in a show trial in 1950. He was set free after five years. After his death he was rehabilitated.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Who was the predecessor of Ágoston Valentiny?

The predecessor of Ágoston Valentiny was István Ries.

How would Ágoston Valentiny be described?

Ágoston Valentiny would be described as Hungarian politician.

What is Ágoston Valentiny subject of?

Ágoston Valentiny is subject of 1888 births, 1958 deaths, 20th-century Hungarian politicians, Members of the National Assembly of Hungary (1945–47) and Justice ministers of Hungary.

To which party does Ágoston Valentiny belong?

Ágoston Valentiny is member of Hungarian Social Democratic Party.

What is the gender of Ágoston Valentiny?

Ágoston Valentiny is male.