Ágota Bozai

Ágota Bozai is a Hungarian writer. She was born in Siófok, Hungary in 1965. She holds an MA degree in philology from the University of Kolozsvár i.e. Cluj-Napoca. She is currently a literary translator of English books (fiction and non-fiction) for various Hungarian publishers.Her writing has been described as a "satirical account of what happened in the east European Countries when ‘at-all-costs capitalism’ sprung up from the ashes of the previously Soviet-controlled governments."Her novels include Persian Divan and To Err is Divine, Mi az ábra? (What's Up? 2003) and A szerelmetlen város (A Loveless Little Town, 2004). She has recently been writing her PhD thesis in English Literature and teaches Creative Writing at ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University), Budapest.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ágota Bozai be described?

Ágota Bozai would be described as Hungarian writer.

What is the gender of Ágota Bozai?

Ágota Bozai is female.

When was Ágota Bozai born?

Ágota Bozai was born on 01.01.1965.

What is Ágota Bozai subject of?

Ágota Bozai is subject of Hungarian translators, Hungarian women writers, 1965 births, Living people, People from Siófok and Hungarian expatriates in Romania.