Áine Phillips

Áine Phillips is a performance and visual artist living in the West of Ireland. She has been exhibiting multi-media installation and performance works internationally since the late 1980s. Major exhibitions have included Moving Image Gallery and The Kitchen New York, National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Irish Film Centre, Dublin Live Art Festival , Arthouse Dublin, EV+A Limerick and the Hugh Lane, Dublin. Her work has been shown at museums of art in Stockholm, Liechtenstein, Austria and Cleveland, USA. Her work is supported by the Live Art Development Agency, London and the Arts Council of Ireland.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Áine Phillips be described?

Áine Phillips would be described as Irish artist.

What is the gender of Áine Phillips?

Áine Phillips is female.

What is the citizenship or nationality of Áine Phillips?

Áine Phillips is United Kingdom.

What is Áine Phillips subject of?

Áine Phillips is subject of Irish performance artists, Living people and Year of birth missing (living people).