Ákos Hudi

Ákos Hudi (born 10 August 1991) is a Hungarian athlete specialising in the hammer throw. He won several medals in younger age categories including the silver at the 2010 World Junior Championships. In addition, he competed at the 2013 World Championships without qualifying for the final. His personal best in the event is 76.93 metres set in 2013 in Budapest.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ákos Hudi be described?

Ákos Hudi would be described as Hungarian athletics competitor.

What is the gender of Ákos Hudi?

Ákos Hudi is male.

When was Ákos Hudi born?

Ákos Hudi was born on 10.08.1991.

What is Ákos Hudi subject of?

Ákos Hudi is subject of 1991 births, Hungarian male hammer throwers, Living people and World Championships in Athletics athletes for Hungary.