Ákos Keller

Ákos Keller

Ákos Keller (born 28 March 1989) is a Hungarian professional basketball player, currently playing as a center for TLI-Alba Fehérvár of the Hungarian League.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ákos Keller be described?

Ákos Keller would be described as Hungarian basketball player.

How tall is Ákos Keller?

Ákos Keller is 208 cm tall.

What is Ákos Keller subject of?

Ákos Keller is subject of Power forwards (basketball), 1989 births, Centers (basketball), Living people, People from Székesfehérvár and Hungarian basketball players.

Where was Ákos Keller born?

Ákos Keller was born in Székesfehérvár.

What is the gender of Ákos Keller?

Ákos Keller is male.

When did the career of Ákos Keller start?

The career started in 2007.