Ákos Kovács

Ákos Kovács, born in Budapest, 6 April 1968, is a Hungarian pop-Christian rock singer-songwriter. He is known for his solo career writing and performing serious, poetic pop songs, as well as a member of the now defunct group Bonanza Banzai. Kovács uses his given name, Ákos, in his career. His name is written Akosh, to reflect the Hungarian pronunciation, when his music is distributed to English-speaking countries. His songs are on the top lists of Hungarian music.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Ákos Kovács born?

Ákos Kovács was born in Budapest.

How would Ákos Kovács be described?

Ákos Kovács would be described as Hungarian pop singer.

What is the gender of Ákos Kovács?

Ákos Kovács is male.

When was Ákos Kovács born?

Ákos Kovács was born on 06.04.1968.

What is Ákos Kovács subject of?

Ákos Kovács is subject of Hungarian male singers, English-language singers of Hungary, 1968 births, Living people, Corvinus University of Budapest alumni and Hungarian pop singers.

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