Ákos Pauler

Ákos Pauler (1876–1933) was a Hungarian philosopher. He defended metaphysics against logical positivism. As part of this defense, he accounted for a method of determining truths alongside the deductive and inductive methods, one which he called reductive. According to Pauler, the reductive method, unlike induction and deduction, does not determine what entities there are but rather can determine the conditions of possibility of valid thought itself. He also associates the reductive method with Plato's dialectic, even suggesting that reduction can ultimately lead to knowledge of the Form of the Good.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ákos Pauler be described?

Ákos Pauler would be described as hungarian philosopher.

What is the gender of Ákos Pauler?

Ákos Pauler is male.

When died Ákos Pauler?

Ákos Pauler died 29.06.1933.

When was Ákos Pauler born?

Ákos Pauler was born on 09.04.1876.

What is Ákos Pauler subject of?

Ákos Pauler is subject of 1876 births, 1933 deaths, 20th-century philosophers and Hungarian philosophers.