Álex Granell

Álex Granell

Alejandro 'Álex' Granell Nogué (born 2 August 1988) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Girona FC as a left winger.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álex Granell be described?

Álex Granell would be described as Spanish association football player.

How tall is Álex Granell?

Álex Granell is 175 cm tall.

What is Álex Granell subject of?

Álex Granell is subject of 1988 births, Spanish footballers, Living people, AEC Manlleu footballers, UE Olot players, Segunda División players, Tercera División players, Segunda División B players, Association football wingers, Girona FC players, Catalan footballers, Cádiz CF players, People from Garrotxa and UE Llagostera footballers.

In which clubs was Álex Granell active?

Álex Granell was active in Farners.

What is the gender of Álex Granell?

Álex Granell is male.

What was or is the position of Álex Granell?

The position of Álex Granell is or was Midfielder.

In which teams was Álex Granell active?

Álex Granell was active in Llagostera, Girona, Manlleu, AE PRAT, Banyoles, FC Palafrugell, Olot and Cádiz C. F..