Álex Llorca

Alejandro Llorca Castillo (born January 26, 1989) is a Spanish basketball player, who plays the shooting guard position. He's currently playing for Montakit Fuenlabrada of the Liga ACB. He signed with the club in September 2015.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álex Llorca be described?

Álex Llorca would be described as Basketball player.

How tall is Álex Llorca?

Álex Llorca is 192 cm tall.

What is Álex Llorca subject of?

Álex Llorca is subject of 1989 births, Spanish basketball players, Basketball players at the 2015 European Games, European Games medalists in basketball, Living people, European Games competitors for Spain, European Games silver medalists for Spain, Baloncesto Fuenlabrada players, CB Tarragona players, Liga ACB players, Bàsquet Manresa players, CB Breogán players and CB Lucentum Alicante players.

Where was Álex Llorca born?

Álex Llorca was born in Esplugues de Llobregat.

What is the gender of Álex Llorca?

Álex Llorca is male.

What was or is the position of Álex Llorca?

The position of Álex Llorca is or was Shooting guard.

In which teams was Álex Llorca active?

Álex Llorca was active in Montakit Fuenlabrada.

When did the career of Álex Llorca start?

The career started in 2007.