Álex Rins

Álex Rins Navarro (born 8 December 1995) is a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer, having made his début in the Moto3 World Championship, in the 2012 season. Rins was the 2011 championship winner of the Spanish 125GP series.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álex Rins be described?

Álex Rins would be described as Spanish motorcycle racer.

What is Álex Rins subject of?

Álex Rins is subject of 1995 births, Spanish motorcycle racers, Living people, Moto3 World Championship riders and Moto2 World Championship riders.

What is the gender of Álex Rins?

Álex Rins is male.

In which teams was Álex Rins active?

Álex Rins was active in Pons Racing.

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Where was Álex Rins born?

Álex Rins was born in Barcelona.