Álex Ubago

Álex Ubago (born Alejandro Martínez de Ubago Rodríguez on January 29, 1981, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain) is a Spanish singer-songwriter. He is especially known for his heartfelt voice and his ballads. He was able to record his debut album "Que Pides Tu" when manager Iñigo Argomaniz that used to go to Alex's cousin's bar heard a demo that Alex made for his girlfriend, his first cd contain songs from this first demo, the songs are "Sabes" and "Hay Que Ver". Alex started to tour national radios with his guitar to sing his songs live and be interviewed. Eventually this strategy worked and his album finally hit the charts. But he reached absolute fame with the publication of the song "Sin Miedo A Nada", featuring Amaia Montero, his biggest hit to date.

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How would Álex Ubago be described?

Álex Ubago would be described as Spanish musician.

What is the occupation of Álex Ubago?

The occupation of Álex Ubago is Singer-songwriter.

What is Álex Ubago subject of?

Álex Ubago is subject of Spanish male singer-songwriters, 1981 births, Living people, Basque singers, Warner Music Latina artists and People from Vitoria-Gasteiz.

What is the gender of Álex Ubago?

Álex Ubago is male.

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When did the career of Álex Ubago start?

The career started in 2000.