Álmos, Duke of Nitra

Álmos (Slovak, Croatian: Almoš; c. 1070 or 1075, – 1 September 1127 or possibly in 1129) was a Hungarian prince, the son of King Géza I of Hungary and brother of King Coloman. He held several governmental posts in the Kingdom of Hungary.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álmos be described?

Álmos would be described as Duke of Croatia.

Who is the spouse of Álmos?

Predslava of Kiev.

When died Álmos?

Álmos died 01.09.1129.

When was Álmos born?

Álmos was born on 1070.

What is Álmos subject of?

Álmos is subject of Blind royalty and nobility, 1127 deaths, Hungarian princes, 11th-century births, House of Árpád, Hungarian nobility, Pretenders to the Hungarian throne and Dukes of Croatia.

When died Álmos?

Álmos died --09-01^^http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#gMonthDay.

Where was Álmos born?

Álmos was born in Hungary.

What is the gender of Álmos?

Álmos is male.