Álvarez de Paz

Álvarez de Paz (1560 – 17 January 1620) was a Spanish Jesuit mystic of the Society of Jesus, born at Toledo. He joined the Society in 1578, and taught theology and philosophy at Lima. Occasionally during his sermons, he fell into ecstasy and had to be carried from the pulpit. The fame of his sanctity was so great in South America, that, when he arrived, in a dying condition, at Potosi, the whole city came out to receive his blessing. On the day of his death at Potosi, 100,000 men in the silver mines stopped work to assist at his funeral. He is said to have had the gift of prophecy, and it is reported that after his death his body remained incorrupt.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álvarez de Paz be described?

Álvarez de Paz would be described as Spanish priest.

What is the gender of Álvarez de Paz?

Álvarez de Paz is male.

When died Álvarez de Paz?

Álvarez de Paz died 17.01.1620.

When was Álvarez de Paz born?

Álvarez de Paz was born on 01.01.1560.

What is Álvarez de Paz subject of?

Álvarez de Paz is subject of Roman Catholic missionaries, 1560 births, 1620 deaths, 16th-century Roman Catholic priests, 16th-century Spanish people, 17th-century Roman Catholic priests, People from Toledo, Spain, Spanish Jesuits, 17th-century Spanish people, Christian missionaries in Peru and Spanish Christian missionaries.