Álvaro Alvim

Álvaro Alvim

Álvaro Freire de Villalba Alvim (16 April 1863 – 21 May 1928) was a Brazilian physician, pioneer in radiology and radiotherapy. He studied in France with Pierre and Marie Curie and performed the first radiograph in Brazil, which was on the xiphopagus case for Brazilian surgeon Eduardo Chapot Prévost.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álvaro Alvim be described?

Álvaro Alvim would be described as Brazilian physician (1863-1928).

What is the gender of Álvaro Alvim?

Álvaro Alvim is male.

When died Álvaro Alvim?

Álvaro Alvim died 21.05.1928.

When was Álvaro Alvim born?

Álvaro Alvim was born on 16.04.1863.

What is Álvaro Alvim subject of?

Álvaro Alvim is subject of People from Rio de Janeiro (city), Brazilian physicians, Brazilian physicists, Federal University of Bahia alumni, 1863 births, 1928 deaths, Marie Curie, Brazilian radiologists, People from Rio de Janeiro (state), Physiotherapists and Medical physicists.