Álvaro Barco

José Álvaro Barco Andrade (born 27 June 1967) is a former Peruvian international footballer who played for clubs in Peru and Chile.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álvaro Barco be described?

Álvaro Barco would be described as footballer.

What is Álvaro Barco subject of?

Álvaro Barco is subject of Club Deportivo Palestino players, Peruvian footballers, Universitario de Deportes footballers, Cobreloa footballers, Peru international footballers, Campeonato Nacional (Chile) players, 1967 births, 1991 Copa América players, 1993 Copa América players, Living people, Tampico Madero footballers, Association football defenders, Expatriate footballers in Mexico, Peruvian expatriate footballers, Expatriate footballers in Chile and Sportspeople from Lima.

What is the gender of Álvaro Barco?

Álvaro Barco is male.

In which teams was Álvaro Barco active?

Álvaro Barco was active in Palestino, Peru, Cobreloa, LIU (Long Island University), Universitario de Deportes and Tampico Madero.