Álvaro Barrera

Álvaro Barrera

Álvaro Barrera is a Colombian architect, born in 1945, who has done restorative architectural work, both in Colombia and other Latin American countries (including some of Panama's colonial buildings). He oversaw the restoration of Casa Pestagua in Cartagena, Colombia, an 18th-century colonial building constructed for a count near the Plaza Santo Domingo in 2007. A commission for the French actor Claude Pimont. He was also the architect in charge of the restoration of Casa Pombo, a 17th-century building in Cartagena that faces the Cathedral, Governor's Residence and overlooking the Plaza Bolivar. Barrera lives in Cartagena and works with his son Alvaro Andres Barrera Tamayo, who is a manager of the company Barrera & Barrera Architecture and Restoration.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álvaro Barrera be described?

Álvaro Barrera would be described as Colombian architect.

When was Álvaro Barrera born?

Álvaro Barrera was born on 1945.

What is Álvaro Barrera subject of?

Álvaro Barrera is subject of Living people and Colombian architects.

What is the gender of Álvaro Barrera?

Álvaro Barrera is male.

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