Álvaro Cunqueiro

Álvaro Cunqueiro Mora (Mondoñedo, December 22, 1911 – Vigo, February 28, 1981) was a Galician novelist, poet, playwright, and journalist. He is the author of many works in both Galician and Spanish, including Merlín e familia ("Merlin and family"). He was a cofounder of the Galician Writers Association. In 1991, Galician Literature Day was dedicated to him.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álvaro Cunqueiro be described?

Álvaro Cunqueiro would be described as Spanish writer.

What is the occupation of Álvaro Cunqueiro?

Álvaro Cunqueiro is or was occupied as Novelist, Poet, Journalist, Playwright.

When was Álvaro Cunqueiro born?

Álvaro Cunqueiro was born on 22.12.1911.

What is Álvaro Cunqueiro subject of?

Álvaro Cunqueiro is subject of 1911 births, 1981 deaths, Galician Literature Day, Spanish people of the Spanish Civil War (National faction) and Galician writers.

What is the gender of Álvaro Cunqueiro?

Álvaro Cunqueiro is male.