Álvaro de la Quadra

Álvaro de la Quadra (? - 1564) was a Spanish churchman and diplomat. He was Prelate and Ambassador to England during Elizabeth I of England reign. He was bishop of Aquila and Venosa and attended the Council of Trent. He was a descendent of Iñigo López de la Cuadra, who met Ferdinand the Catholic in 1476 on his visit to Vizcaya and captained his personal bodyguard, saving his life in an assassination attempt. His relatives also included Pedro de la Quadra (secretary to Isabella of Portugal) and Juan López de la Quadra (who taught Charles V's children Isabel and John). According to Enrique García Hernán, on 9 January 1563, the Irish Chief Shane O’Neill, in rebellion against Elizabeth I, requested Spanish military assistance through Quadra, then Spanish Ambassador in London. Although O'Neill received a negative answer, Elizabeth I asked Madrid to recall Quadra. This leads to believe that Quadra, who died of the plague in England before he could return home, provided some support to O’Neill (probably money) or had done so in the past. De la Quadra was depicted by James Frain in the 1998 film Elizabeth.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álvaro de la Quadra be described?

Álvaro de la Quadra would be described as Spanish bishop.

What is the gender of Álvaro de la Quadra?

Álvaro de la Quadra is male.

When died Álvaro de la Quadra?

Álvaro de la Quadra died 01.01.1564.

What is Álvaro de la Quadra subject of?

Álvaro de la Quadra is subject of Spanish Roman Catholic bishops, 1564 deaths, Year of birth unknown, Bishops of L'Aquila and Spanish diplomats.