Álvaro José Negret

Álvaro José Negret (1949 – July 18, 1998) was a Colombian scientist and author specializing in ornithology and conservation. Negret as a boy collected birds for the Natural History Museum of the University of Cauca in Popayán. As an undergraduate Negret co-founded the Natural History Museum at the University of Caldas before completing a Master's degree in Ecology and Management of Natural Resources at the University of Brasília in Brazil. Upon his return to Colombia Negret became a professor at the University of Cauca and Director of its Natural History Museum from 1987-98. He was married to geologist Patricia Torres. As a conservationist, Negret helped found and manage the Tambito Nature Reserve which contains over 300 bird species. He also worked in coordination with Conservation International to design the Naya Corridor Program and unify two national parks (Farallones de Cali and Munchique), creating a massive conservation zone for protection of wildlife. At the time of his death he was working on a book about Colombia's endangered bird species entitled Aves Colombianas Amenazadas de Extinción (Engl. Threatened Birds of Colombia).

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álvaro José Negret be described?

Álvaro José Negret would be described as Colombian ornithologist (1949-1998).

What is the gender of Álvaro José Negret?

Álvaro José Negret is male.

When died Álvaro José Negret?

Álvaro José Negret died 18.07.1998.

When was Álvaro José Negret born?

Álvaro José Negret was born on 01.01.1949.

What is Álvaro José Negret subject of?

Álvaro José Negret is subject of 1949 births, 1998 deaths, 20th-century zoologists, University of Cauca people and Colombian ornithologists.