Álvaro López

Álvaro López (born 1979) is a drummer and producer. His most well-known project to date has been as drummer/programmer with the English trip hop band Second Person, working on their 2004 debut release Chromatography and the following two albums The Elements and Come to Dust with band-mates Julia Johnson and Mark Maclaine. The Madrid-born drummer/songwriter is also known for his work with The Feeling in their early days has produced and played on various electro tracks with a number of Spanish DJ's including Karim Haas and Cristian Varela. He is the founder of the musical collectives: Batusamba Collective and the Sol Chango trio and continues to be active member of the London Jazz scene.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Álvaro López be described?

Álvaro López would be described as Spanish musician.

What is the occupation of Álvaro López?

The occupation of Álvaro López is Drummer.

What is Álvaro López subject of?

Álvaro López is subject of 1979 births, Living people and Spanish drummers.

What is the gender of Álvaro López?

Álvaro López is male.

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