Álvaro Morales

Álvaro Morales (born 14 June 1980) is a SportsCenter anchor for ESPN Deportes and ESPN2 (Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador) since June 2006. In November 2003, Morales began to work for the international sports network as a reporter for ESPN Radio. Later on, he became the SportsCenter correspondent in Mexico. Álvaro was a broadcaster for two World Series (2002 & 2003) on Mexico's national radio station, Publieventos Deportivos. He also worked as a reporter, columnist and editor in the daily sports supplement, La Afición (Milenio Publisher Group). In the 2000 season, Morales was the stadium announcer for the baseball club Mexico Tigers. During the team's visiting games, he was the studio anchor.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was Álvaro Morales born?

Álvaro Morales was born in Guatemala City.

How would Álvaro Morales be described?

Álvaro Morales would be described as Guatemalan sports announcer.

What is the gender of Álvaro Morales?

Álvaro Morales is male.

When was Álvaro Morales born?

Álvaro Morales was born on 14.06.1980.

What is Álvaro Morales subject of?

Álvaro Morales is subject of 1980 births, Living people, Mexican columnists and American sports announcers.