Álvaro Mutis

Álvaro Mutis

Álvaro Mutis Jaramillo (August 25, 1923 – September 22, 2013) was a Colombian poet, novelist, and essayist and author of the compendium The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll. He was awarded the 2002 Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Álvaro Mutis?

Álvaro Mutis died in Mexico City.

How would Álvaro Mutis be described?

Álvaro Mutis would be described as Colombian novelist.

What is the occupation of Álvaro Mutis?

Álvaro Mutis is or was occupied as Poet and novelist.

What is Álvaro Mutis subject of?

Álvaro Mutis is subject of Colombian novelists, Prix Roger Caillois recipients, Colombian male writers, 1923 births, 2013 deaths, 20th-century novelists, Male novelists, Premio Cervantes winners, Prix Médicis étranger winners and Colombian expatriates in Mexico.

What is the gender of Álvaro Mutis?

Álvaro Mutis is male.

What is the homepage of Álvaro Mutis?