Álvaro of Córdoba

Paulus Alvarus (also known as Paul Alvarus, Paul Albar, Alvaró de Córdoba), c. 800 – 861 CE, was a ninth-century Mozarab scholar, poet, and theologian who lived in Southern Iberia during the period of Muslim rule. He is most notable for his writings around the time of a string of persecutions and executions of Christians in the 850s by the Muslim government. He also wrote the Vita Eulogii (‘The Life of Eulogius’), a biography of his close friend and fellow theologian Saint Eulogius of Cordoba. Although Christians living in Córdoba and the rest of Muslim Iberia during his time lived under relative religious freedom, Alvarus was amongst the Christians who perceived the many restrictions on the practice of their faith to be unacceptable persecution; they regarded with extreme scorn Christians who participated in the Muslim government, converted to Islam, or simply concealed their true beliefs. As a result of these religious tensions Alvarus’s writings are characterized by contempt of all things Muslim and he considered Muhammed to have been the precursor to the Antichrist.

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Where was Álvaro of Córdoba born?

Álvaro of Córdoba was born in Córdoba.

How would Álvaro of Córdoba be described?

Álvaro of Córdoba would be described as Scholar, theologian, and poet.

What is the gender of Álvaro of Córdoba?

Álvaro of Córdoba is male.

When died Álvaro of Córdoba?

Álvaro of Córdoba died 861-1-1.

When was Álvaro of Córdoba born?

Álvaro of Córdoba was born on 800.

What is Álvaro of Córdoba subject of?

Álvaro of Córdoba is subject of People of Al-Andalus, Spanish historians, 861 deaths, Spanish poets, Mozarabs, Medieval Latin poets, Spanish Roman Catholics, Spanish male poets, Year of birth unknown and 9th-century poets.