Álvaro Soares da Cunha

Álvaro Soares da Cunha

Alvaro Soares da Cunha (c. 1466–1557) was the natural born son of Afonso V of Portugal, and Maria Soares da Cunha, the recently widowed daughter of Afonso's major valet, Fernão de Sá Alcoforado, and his wife Maria da Cunha. Álvaro was born at the Quinta de Paço de Pombal in Vila Boa de Quires in the district of Porto to the widowed, 20-year-old Maria Soares da Cunha at her aunt's home. After the death of her aunt and uncle, Maria and Álvaro were later cared for by her cousin, Pedro da Cunha Coutinho in Celorico de Basto. Álvaro received recognition from King Afonso V in 1476 when he was visiting Vila Nova de Alvito when Álvaro was 10 years old. Álvaro was made "Guarda-Mor de Peste" (Major Guard of Pestilence) within the city of Porto, Lord of the House of Quintães in the town of São Vicente de Pinheiro in the municipality of Penafiel in Porto, and a gentleman of the Royal House. He was listed as vereador (alderman) of the city of Porto in 1508. Álvaro first Married Maria Machado, without issue, and then second to Inês da Mota, with offspring.

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How would Álvaro Soares da Cunha be described?

Álvaro Soares da Cunha would be described as Portuguese nobility.

What is the gender of Álvaro Soares da Cunha?

Álvaro Soares da Cunha is male.

When died Álvaro Soares da Cunha?

Álvaro Soares da Cunha died 1557.

When was Álvaro Soares da Cunha born?

Álvaro Soares da Cunha was born on 1466.

What is Álvaro Soares da Cunha subject of?

Álvaro Soares da Cunha is subject of 1466 births, Portuguese nobility, 1557 deaths, 15th-century Portuguese people, 16th-century Portuguese people, House of Aviz and Illegitimate children of Portuguese monarchs.