Álvaro Vaz de Almada, 1st Count of Avranches

Álvaro Vaz de Almada, 1st Count of Avranches sometimes referred too with the wrong name Albro Vasques d' Almadea Earl of Averence KG (c.1390 – 20 May 1449, Alverca do Ribatejo) was an illustrious Portuguese knight and nobleman, with a long and illustrious career abroad in England. He was invested by the English king as the 1st Count of Avranches (in Portuguese: Conde de Abranches) and made a Knight of the Garter. he was captain-general of the city of Lisbon and he died at the Battle of Alfarrobeira in 1449. His likeness appeared on the now-obsolete Portuguese five-escudo banknote.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Who is the successor of Álvaro de Almada?

The successor of Álvaro de Almada is Fernando de Almada, 2nd Count of Avranches.

How would Álvaro de Almada be described?

Álvaro de Almada would be described as 1st Count of Avranches.

What is Álvaro de Almada subject of?

Álvaro de Almada is subject of 1449 deaths, 1390 births, 14th-century Portuguese people, 15th-century Portuguese people, Knights of the Garter, Counts of Avranches and Portuguese knights.

Where was Álvaro de Almada born?

Álvaro de Almada was born in Portugal.

What is the gender of Álvaro de Almada?

Álvaro de Almada is male.