Ángel Acevedo

Ángel Acevedo

Ángel Acevedo (born January 27, 1945) is a Puerto Rican retired professional wrestler known by his ring name The Cuban Assassin and for his appearances with Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, World Wrestling Council and Stampede Wrestling. Ángel Acevedo is a permanent resident of Canada and resides in Calgary, Alberta. Acevedo's son, Richie Acevedo, was also a wrestler for many years but retired in 2009. Acevedo allowed Fidel Sierra to use the Cuban Assassin name as well, as long as he did not use it in Japan, which has led to some mistakenly crediting Acevedo and Sierra with championships they did not win.

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How would Ángel Acevedo be described?

Ángel Acevedo would be described as Professional wrestler.

How tall is Ángel Acevedo?

Ángel Acevedo is 170 cm tall.

What is Ángel Acevedo subject of?

Ángel Acevedo is subject of 1945 births, American male professional wrestlers, Living people, Sportspeople from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican emigrants to Canada and Puerto Rican male professional wrestlers.

Where does Ángel Acevedo live?

Ángel Acevedo lives in Calgary, Alberta, Alberta and Canada.

How many children has Ángel Acevedo?


What is the gender of Ángel Acevedo?

Ángel Acevedo is male.